Are GOLD BOND® Ultimate lotions tested for safety?

Yes. All of our formulas are dermatologist tested and safe for use.

Are GOLD BOND® Ultimate lotions hypoallergenic? 


Can GOLD BOND® Ultimate products be used on the face?

A few of our products can be used on the face. For the most up-to-date list, please visit the Product Finder link and select “face” from the Application Area drop down menu.

Are GOLD BOND® Ultimate product gluten free?

GOLD BOND® Ultimate products have not been tested to determine gluten content. Therefore, we cannot certify that they are gluten free.

Why is it so difficult to get all the lotion out of the pump or tube?

One of the things consumers repeatedly tell us is that they love how thick and rich our lotions are. Unfortunately, that also makes it difficult to get all of the product out of the packaging, because it’s more dense and not as watery as many other products on the market.

If I can’t get all of the product out, does that mean the packaging is faulty?

No, our pump uses the largest diameter dip tube barrel (the straw that draws the product up) available, and it’s cut precisely to the correct length, but because the lotion is so thick and rich, when it is used down to a certain point, it leaves a hollow (similar to a straw in a thick milkshake) area, so that the lotion bottle must be tapped on a hard surface so that more lotion is moved under the pump’s dip tube.

Are there animal by-products in GOLD BOND® Ultimate lotions?

Due to numerous suppliers of raw materials we cannot guarantee that our GOLD BOND® Ultimate lotions do not contain some type of ingredient from an animal origin.


GOLD BOND® Ultimate is not tested on animals for human use.